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The Little Oasis Bath Co

Bath Soak- Elevate

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Create your own picture-perfect bath experience with our relaxing blends of magnesium, clays and essential oils designed to support muscle relaxation and soothe your body and mind.

Whether you’re trying to forget the stress of a long day at work (or home…), creating a warm and inviting space to read your favourite book with a cheeky glass of red or taking an Instagram-worthy “because I can” self-care bath, our bath soaks will have your mind feeling relaxed, your skin feeling nourished and your muscles ready to tackle another day.

The perfect way to give the gift of luxury and self-indulgence to friends, family and clients who need to take some time for themselves.


DIRECTIONS • Add a couple of handfuls to a warm bath, dissolve, close your eyes and take at least 20 minutes for yourself (minimum!).  

INGREDIENTS • Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts), natural Australian sea salt, tapioca starch, French purple clay, grapefruit essential oil, lime essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, calendula flowers and dried orange.

WEIGHT •  90g or 300g

SEPTIC INSTRUCTIONS • If you’re running on septic tanks, please make sure you pop your bath soak in a muslin bag before dissolving it in your bath to stop botanicals getting in your tanks.